Holy Water
Approaching Storm
Bald Mountain
New Moon
October Ellis Pond October, Ellis Pond
Bend in the River
Golden Haze
Hill Crest
Red Sky
Cricket Hill Cricket Hill
Autumnal Autumnal
Venus Courting the Moon Venus Courting the Moon
White Night
Pale Moon Pale Moon (Where’s Stephanie?)
Housatonic Constellation Constellation
Eon Eon
Eclipse Eclipse
Auroral Moon Auroral Moon
Sun Dog
Chasing the Light Chasing the Light
Pasture Pasture
Breakup Spring
Moonbeam Moonbeam
Blue Hill Blue Hill
The Ninth Planet
Stag Night
Blue Moon
North North
After the Rain


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Altered photographs of the Berkshire foothills in Connecticut and New York

We all appreciate the magnificent effects the atmosphere provides. From a sunset blossoming with color to a pair of crystalline sun dogs, the synthesis of sky, light and weather provides endless fascination. In a time when the earth's weather events become more extreme and unpredictable these images explore visual aspects of that unpredictability in various, and possibly predictable ways.