Spitting Moon
Harbinger Moon
Whispering Moon
Spectral Mist
Blood Moon III
Symphonic Sun
Sunrise with Sprites
Rising Mist
The Farm
Spectral Sun
The Greenhouse
Troubled Sky
Rising Moon
Dawn Dutchess County
Moon 780
Evening Sun
Cosmic Curtain
Autumn Vortex
Arc & Aura
Ammonite Moon
Three Silos
Autumn Sun
Approaching Summer
Holy Water
Approaching Storm
Bald Mountain
New Moon
October Ellis Pond October, Ellis Pond
Bend in the River
Golden Haze
Hill Crest
Red Sky
The Violinist
Cricket Hill
Blood Moon
Venus Courting the Moon Venus Courting the Moon
White Night
Pale Moon Pale Moon (Where’s Stephanie?)
Eon Eon
Housatonic Constellation Constellation
Eclipse Eclipse
Auroral Moon Auroral Moon
Sun Dog
Chasing the Light
Pasture Pasture
Breakup Spring
Blue Hill Blue Hill
The Ninth Planet
Stag Night
Blue Moon
North North
After the Rain
October Storm
Carnegie Hall Sat. Night


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We all appreciate the magnificent effects the atmosphere provides. From a sunset blossoming with color to a pair of crystalline sun dogs the synthesis of sky, light and weather provides endless fascination. The earth's weather events have become more extreme and unpredictable and while many of the images you may see as beautiful in color and form they are also cautionary—the color and form expressing drastic changes that we are, and will be, sustaining.

Most of the landscapes provide a context for examining human or animal behavior in nature—the steadfast determination of a deer wading through shoulder high snow, a modern day Sisyphus endlessly rolling a hay bale uphill in the face of an approaching storm, or the comedy that life presents when two people work in opposition.

All told, the images may seem to some, a bit of invention, but given the nature of mother nature coupled with our increasing influence, who can say that this is not reality?