The Apple
Leaving Eden
After Eden
The Bluebird of Happiness
Sacre du Printemps
Pilgrim’s Progress
Nothing is What it Seemed
Love is Blind
Love is Blind II
April (Vanity)
May (innocence)
June (seduction)
The Butterfly
Ice Queen
The Red Umbrella
The Gift
How High the Moon
String Duet
Push to Shove
Fire & Ire
Fall from Grace
Courting Dance
The Gardener
Sinking, Feeling
Venus Ascending
Moving Heaven
Fault Line
The Weight of History
Galatea & Pygmalion
Diana the Huntress
Lot’s Wife
Swing Low
Zeus & Leda
Cause & Effect

Venus & Mars

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Sometime before #MeToo came to prominence I began the Venus and Mars portfolio of photographs. #MeToo may have some relevance to these images but they are not meant to portray serious violations of women. Instead they were created to explore the feelings, conflicts and misgivings inherent in most female/male relationships.

The nakedness of Venus signifies a woman's vulnerability in a male dominated society while it immediately indicates sexual attraction, an important component of almost all relationships. 

Historically the female form has often been used in art as it is simply beautiful to both female and male viewers. For some of these images I have drawn from women of the art, history and myths that preceded today’s culture.